About Us

Zone Radio is a commercial radio station broadcasting live over the internet. In all respects, it is the same as a terrestrial radio station, except that Zone Radio uses the internet and hardware as opposed to conventional radio transmitters. Zone Radio is privately owned and attempts to fund it's training programs through advertising and featured sponsorship.


  • To provide a platform for local musicians, of all genres, to showcase their talent.
  • To develop a training program for young people who wish to become involved in radio as producers, journalists or presenters.
  • To provide a place where young presenters and sound technicians will be given the opportunity to hone their skill.
  • We believe that economic growth is dependent upon the employment opportunities provided by small business. To this end we will support small business and “start-ups” and, whenever possible, seek them out as third party suppliers to Zone Radio.
  • To offer clients cost effective but creative advertising solutions using the multi-media platforms available via the internet.
  • To  provide opportunities to people (young and old) who share our vision and who will contribute to the growth of the station.
  • Remain interactive with our listeners so as to develop a “Zone Radio Community”.
  • Portray the best of South Africa to the world.


Zone Radio Online will deliver programming that satisfies the needs of its listeners and by so doing provides a captive audience for its clients.  This is achieved through:

  • programming that has adult contemporary music at its core cultivating an interactive “Zone Radio Community”
  • creative and innovative and cost effective advertising solutions for our clients
  • the development of journalistic, technical and broadcasting talent
  • the provision of a platform where all South African musicians have the right to showcase their talent