LaMamba Interview

LaMamba Interview

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The lovely and talented LaMamba was our guest on The Breakfast Zone. She is a Cape Town based singer, songwriter, dancer and model. She sings mainly Pop and R&B and describes her melodies as “beautiful heartache.” 

Her debut single ‘Crossfire’ showcases her as a major new force on the local music scene and her introduction into the music industry inspired the title of her debut EP “The Beginning”, which was released in July 2018. She draws huge influence from her 11th grade music teacher Ilse as well as artists the likes of Amy Winehouse, Beyoncé and Michael Jackson.

Instagram: @lamambaoffial

2 thoughts on “LaMamba Interview

  1. Proud of you Thoz😗😗 That voice is so beautiful baby. Very nice song. Congratulation Ntfulini
    Auntie Noni

  2. LaMamba
    Your voice is amazing.
    Thoroughly enjoyed listening to Crossfire.
    Cheers to you reaching the Stars!
    Much love 💕
    Your family Florida/USA

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