Life Zone 9 February 2020 Part 3 – Brenda Wardall

Life Zone 9 February 2020 Part 3 – Brenda Wardall
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Brenda Wardall spoke about “Transforming Grief in Love” and the “Simon’s Love Project on the Life Zone.

Simon’s Love Project is something close to my heart.
When our oldest boy Simon passed away suddenly on 25 September 2013, our world as we knew it collapsed and everything stood still for a while. It was with all the love and support of our family and friends that we kept moving forward and find ourselves today able to again see the love and beauty in this world.
In honour of Simon’s life and in gratitude of it, this project will be a mission to spread love and kindness in our world. Together, in our unique ways we can inspire each other and share the love that connects us all.
I look forward to seeing what is possible.
For more information please visit:
Instagram – @simonsloveproject

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