Richard "Rorschach" Thompson

Richard has a deep love for music, radio broadcasting and pretty much just hearing the sound of his voice. This started in High School where he played rhythm guitar in an alternative rock band called “The Sir Edmund Hillary’s” and started recording private radio shows, just messing around with his mates.

He is an attorney by profession but has continued with music, being part of a comedic, folk duo called “Floodworks” and recording various humor and musical based podcasts and YouTube videos for fun (YouTube channel is titled “Rorschach”.. Plugging!).

His musical tastes are broad and range from classic rock ‘n roll to indie and folk and he cites the “grunge” movement as his favourite in the history of rock music.

He was put in touch with Zone Radio through a friend and, after being “put through the ringer” in training by the Unicorn and enduring his various, unflattering nick names, he is proud and grateful to now be presenting the Friday Lunch Zone from 12pm to 3pm on Zone Radio, the station that makes you feel good!