Annelize Van Niekerk – Longbeach Eye Studios

Annelize Van Niekerk – Longbeach Eye Studios
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The Unicorn chats to Annelize Van Niekerk of  Longbeach Eye Studios about World Sight Day 2020.

More than a billion people cannot see well, because they don’t have access to glasses. Over 3 out of 4 of the world’s vision impaired are avoidably so. What can be done to arrest this unconscionable fact? First, arm yourself with your country’s prevalence data and Eye Health system information–the number of trained eye health personnel, your country’s plans to tackle blindness.

The recent World Health Assembly resolution for eye health, marks the next major mile stone for global eye health. With political commitment to take action to make eye care an integral part of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and to implement ‘integrated people-centered eye care’ there is #HopeInSight.

This World Sight Day, let’s find the solutions to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to sight. Let’s pledge to spread the message of #HopeInSight.

For more information, please visit the World Sight Day Website

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