Beverly Jayne & Lindsay McGuire

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Beverly Jayne & Lindsay McGuire

We were truly blessed to have Beverly Jayne and Linday McGuire visit our studio where the Unicorn got the opportunity to chat to them on The Drive Zone.

Beverly Jayne

Beverly Jayne made her mark fronting South African band Concussion Girl and recorded two albums with the band who’s most notable hit was the saucy single “Tie me up” featured on the world release horror movie “Slash”. She has enjoyed a growing presence globally on stations in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK. Her lyrics immediately speak to us all and transcend borders nationally and internationally. Her lyrics instantly resonate on a personal level and let you know you’re not alone. Her sound is universal, moving with ease from raunchy rock to heart breaking ballads, from playful brass to soulful strings, it changes to fit every mood.

For more information please visit her Facebook page

Lindsay McGuire

15th Annual SA Music Award Nominee, for best POP Album, South
African born female rock vocalist, Lindsay McGuire’s stage debut was in 1999 as part of a two-piece
cover band – CRYSTAL DECEMBER.

In 2002, Lindsay moved on to the band AVALANCHE, performing at casinos, corporate functions,
product launches and special events, travelling throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries. A
highlight was performing at 94.7 Highveld Stereo’s Jo’burg day.

As a natural progression of her talent, Lindsay started to experiment with song writing and in 2004;
Lindsay started work on her very own album. Having gathered some ideas and material, Lindsay
started working with Mark Beling from Mean Mr Mustard to polish it into a collection of songs. With
some additional production talent from other industry greats, the album came to fruition.
“The Innocence of…” released through independent record label, STING MUSIC, is a collection of
well crafted songs, some funky, some angry, and some intensely personal, but all highlighting Lindsay’s
amazing vocal talent.

Her single, “Save Me” reached the #1 spot on 5FM’s [email protected] with this track, also reached #1 onTUKS
FM Chart,and others, also receiving massive attention on commercial and campus stations nationwide.
One extremely personal song, is “June July”, written as a tribute to her father, who was shot dead in a
hijacking in 2000. “I called it June July because Father’s Day is in June, my dad’s birthday was in June
and he died in July. The June-July time of year is still very painful for me. I often get depressed and
behave out of character. But I also feel more creative, and composing and writing June July was part
of my healing process,” she says. The lyrics are heartfelt and the emotion and sorrow carried across by
that amazing voice sends shivers up your spine.

Through all her experiences, Lindsay has discovered a soulful depth in her thinking, “There’s nothing
more rewarding in life than to create beauty… and then to share it”.

In 2007, Lindsay received more exposure after collaborating with rock outfit “Changing Face” with the
song, “Everything Changes” which also received massive air- and tele-play. Lindsay was also invited
to represent her sponsor Beyerdynamic at the worlds largest Music Expo in Germany, Musik Messe.
Playing to the worlds greatest. This proved a great learning experience for her.

In the last quarter of 2008 her latest single “Mad about you”, was play listed on South Africa’s
National Radio Station 5fm after only being on the station for 3 weeks it entered the [email protected] public
vote chart. It moves up every week, she’s proud to announce it reached NO 1 and stayed on the chart
for @ #1 for 5 weeks.

2009 Lindsay is also proud to be the voice of the new 2009 MNET Channel Jingle. Written and
produced be Dennis East.

On stage Lindsay has the ability to get any crowd going, her voice captures everyone around, and her
stage presence is that of world class, Lindsay rocks with her 5piece band on any stage. This band is
professional talented and has 90 years on stage experience between the members.

For more information please visit her Website or Facebook Page