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Charlie Void

The Unicorn chats to South African singer/songwriter, Charlie Void on the Drive Zone.

Charlie Void returns with a brand-new single, “You & Me” reminiscent of Lana Del Rey’s work and showing versatility from an artist who’s been compared to the likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna and David Bowie.
After almost breaking 40 000 streams for his last single, “Ecstasy” with a moody alternative pop ballad, “You & Me”. The new single is Charlie Void’s best critically acclaimed song to date showcasing a stellar vocal performance and high-quality production. “You & Me” cements Charlie Void as a talented and well-rounded songwriter who can write anything from a dance hit to a heartfelt ballad. Which is why the release was timed with the 1-year anniversary of Charlie’s debut single, “Just Dance”

The name Charlie Void is steeped in the majesty of passion, fun and excitement. Charlie embodies the essence of art through his music, bringing pop music to life once more. Charlie received an outpouring of love and support on his previous singles, “Just Dance”, which chartered at #1 on the Top 30 Singles by King of Spins Worldwide DJ Charts, and “Ecstasy”. Cape Town’s “It boy” is not slowing down soon.

For more information, please visit his website.