Derryn Brigg – 24 August 2020

Derryn Brigg – 24 August 2020
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Business consultant and author, Derryn Brigg, speaks to the Unicorn about her “The Seriously Lighthearted” series of business self help books.

Derryn has a background in Industrial Psychology and has been working as a Small Business Specialist for over 12 years assisting hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs across all industries.

She owns and runs three businesses in vastly different sectors and has first-hand experience of the challenges that small businesses face. She also serves as on the Board of the Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry, is an accredited service provider for the Small Business Development Agency (SEDA), is a registered Mentor on the Fetola/FNB platform and previous service provider to the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) for over 10 years.

The tagline for her business is “Where psychology meets business!” as she believes “that if your mind is not right, your business will not be right and if your business is not right, your mind will not be right”. This forms the basis for a holistic approach to business development by combining both her psychology skills and technical business skills.

Her key areas of strength lie in the following areas: business plans, marketing strategies, feasibility studies, conceptualization and business writing, strategy formulation, and mentoring of small business owners.

She has drafted hundreds of business plans for both the local and international market, and many of her clients have won entrepreneurial awards and competitions through submission of her business plans. She is also the author of three business books:

  • The Seriously Lighthearted Guide to Planning Your Business!
  • The Seriously Lighthearted Guide to Basic Compliance for Small Businesses!
  • The Seriously Lighthearted Guide to BBBEE Benefits for Small Black-owned Businesses!

She is passionate about small business, accompanying owners on their journeys and seeing them grow from strength to strength.

For more information please visit her Website or Facebook Page.