Hein Marx from The United Liberty Alliance

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Zone Radio
Hein Marx from The United Liberty Alliance

The Unicorn chats to Hein Marx from The United Liberty Alliance about their model and proposal for secession and independence from the Republic of South Africa.

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The United Liberty Alliance (ULA) is a civil rights movement focused on the self-determination of the oppressed minorities in Southern Africa. These minorities include the descendants of:
  • The Khoi and San, the aboriginal peoples of Southern Africa; and
  • People from Continental Europe, the British Isles and even North America who settled in Southern Africa from as early as 1652; and
  • Slaves and indentured individuals brought to Southern Africa before 1900, primarily from Malaysia, India and Indonesia.
The ULA is an umbrella body that unifies a multitude of minority-led organisations through the common goal of independence. The ULA itself does not have any members, instead relying on the membership of its affiliate organisations.
As of May 2018 the total membership of ULA affiliate organisations exceeds 350,000 persons, and this number is expected to grow to over 500,000 in the near future.
The ULA and its affiliate organisations envision a free and fair society where Southern Africa’s minorities can enjoy their basic human rights, without domination and oppression. The worsening situation in South Africa has shown, over more than two decades,that this vision is only obtainable through independence of those regions where these minorities are in fact the majority.

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