Jenni Trethowan

Jenni Trethowan – Baboon Matters

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Jenni Trethowan - Baboon Matters

Jenni Trethowan is a trustee and the founder of the Baboon Matters Trust. The Unicorn got the opportunity to chat to her on the Drive Zone about situation regarding Kataza.

Kataza, also known as SK11, was relocated from his Slangkop troop in Kommetjie to Tokai. This has cast the spotlight on baboon management in the region.

Jenni Trethowan

25 years Jenni has championed the rights of baboons in Cape Town.  In 1990, following the euthanasia of a troop of baboons in Kommetjie, she, together with Wally Petersen, formed the Kommetjie Environmental Awareness Group (KEAG) which successfully lobbied for the protected status of baboons on the Cape Peninsula.

KEAG  was ahead of the times in many respects – they implemented one of the first alien clearing projects in Cape Town, and offered permaculture training when the method was still in its infancy.

In 2001 she left KEAG to start Baboon Matters, focusing on creating awareness for the plight of baboons living on the urban edge.  Since then she has been featured in over 40 documentaries, received numerous awards, published a book, and been personally commended on her work by Dr Jane Goodall.

She has addressed many thousands of learners, university students, academics, and residents of affected areas – changing perceptions and giving people a better understanding of our primate relatives and how to live in harmony with them.

For more information please visit the Baboon Matters Trust Website and/or Facebook Page