Lara & Kade Tollner – Tears Sleepathon

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Lara & Kade Tollner - Tears Sleepathon

The Unicorn chats to Lara Tollner from PSA Services and her 10 year old son, Kade, about their participation in the 2020 Tears Sleepathon.

If your idea of a perfect Saturday night is to curl up with a blanket and a furbaby (or two, or three) then this event is for you! Whip out your sleeping bag and camping gear and spend a night at our shelter bunking in an enclosure with rescued dogs and cats.

A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal. Find out why shelter pets cuddle better, help fundraise for their future and join us for a sleepover you’ll never forget!

For more information please visit the Tears Website