Lizelle Coombs – Angels Resource Centres

Lizelle Coombs – Angels Resource Centres
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Lizelle Coombs is Group CEO of Angels. She is a Social Anthropologist who used her passion for working with people from different cultures, to start-up Angels Training Centre, Angels Resource Centres NPO and Business Start-up Kits.

Angels Resource Centre is a registered Non-Profit Organisation that invites companies to invest their Enterprise Development (ED), socio-economic development (SED) or Corporate Social Investment (CSI) funds towards our programmes. The investment in ED and SED not only benefits companies in terms of their Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) scores but also offer tax advantages through our PBO status.

We want to IGNITE our youth through exciting initiatives, INTEGRATE all members of communities through inclusive activities and IMPACT entire communities by creating opportunities and jobs.

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