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Matt Stern

Today we had the opportunity to chat to singer/songwriter and all round nice guy, Matt Stern on the Drive Zone.

Matt is an actor and singer who is well known for his roles in Musical Theatre, film, television and live singing performances.

Matt graduated from TUT with a National Diploma in Musical Theatre in 1996. Since then he was seen in Musical Productions such as Jock of the Bushveld, Tree Aan, Ester Die Musical, and many more. Film credits include District 9, Invictus and Hond se Dinges to mention but a few. Matt also featured on TV in roles for Begeertes, Hart van Staal, Plek van die Vleisvreters, Generations, Binneland and 7de Laan. His ability to perform dark, sinister and dramatic roles on the one hand and his natural comedic timing on the other sets him apart from other actors.

He has produced 3 vocal CD’s, ranging from Elvis and Light Classics to work from his own pen as a songwriter. He specializes in “Golden Oldies” and is credited to being an excellent Romantic Balladeer with great style and warmth.

Matt Stern regularly performs at Corporate, Private and Charity Functions when he’s not busy with voice overs or acting work. He continues to broaden his horizons as a writer and finished his first full feature film script in 2013.

For more information about the man and his music as well as his tour dates, please visit his Facebook Page.

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