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Nicole Carlse

The Unicorn chats to South African singer/songwriter Nicole Carlse via Zoom on the Drive Zone.

Nicole was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she has lived most of her life. At the age of 6 she started with piano lessons and by the time she was 7 her music teacher at the time got her involved in the choir and she started with voice coaching. When she was 8 she started taking part in the national eisteddfod’s singing competitions and competed each year till the end of her school career. When she was 13 she left her primary school to start home schooling and moved to a new music teacher who encouraged her to start writing music. When she was 16 she made it to the semi final in the crescendo music competition for her own song composition. She also attended Crawford college where she took music and drama as subjects until she graduated school and also completed her grade 7 trinity piano exam.

When she left school she was given an opportunity to pursue a career in professional golf. During her three and a half years of playing she was selected as Captain of the Gauteng Ladies golf and also made it onto the SA Squad. The death of her father in an armed house robbery caused her to rethink her career, as golf was a passion shared with her father and it no longer felt right to pursue the career. She was told that she needed a ‘real job’ and went to 43 Air school in Port Alfred to become a pilot. When she returned home after training she became a flight instructor and free lance private charter pilot for 6 years. She then managed to get a job flying Boeing 737 aircraft for Comair Ltd. When the Corona pandemic hit she was forced to go onto unpaid leave and decided to use the time to start writing music again and follow her passion. The first single “Can’t stop myself” was released on the 30th of June 2020. Once musicians are able to perform again Nicole plans to take to the stage with the music she has written over the last few months.

Her latest release is “Spasie In Jou Hart” and you can watch the video on YouTube

For more information please visit her Website or Facebook Page