Peter Ngqibs & Elisabeth Elektra

Zone Radio
Peter Ngqibs & Elisabeth Elektra

The Unicorn chats to Peter Ngqibs & Elisabeth Elektra about the song “Written” from Peter’s new EP and their collaboration in producing the track. The song has recently been play-listed on Zone Radio.

Unwritten Stories Peter’s my first EP since his debut album in 2017, and third since his official debut in 2009. He has performed at Brooklyn Pride, garnered nominations from various film festivals for his music videos, and graced the UK Pop Club Chart. His new EP continues his love of intimate storytelling, but includes more of his native tongue (Xhosa), as well as collabs with fellow New Jersey artist Noturlover, and UK artist Elisabeth Elektra.

Elisabeth Elektra is an English artist, songwriter and producer. She released her debut album ‘Mercurial’ in May 2020 and received raving reviews with Daily Mirror describing it “Scrupulously primed and composed.” She adds an ethereal sound to this record.