Remax Premier South Peninsula Valley Heroes – Karen Bowers

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Remax Premier South Peninsula Valley Heroes – Karen Bowers

Karen Bowers from “Know Your Worth Teens” in Oceanview was nominated as a Remax Premier South Peninsula Valley Hero. Today we had the opportunity to find out more about the amazing things she does.

Know your worth Teens is a campaign that was started a few years ago. A young lady asked me for a sanitary pad, as she didn’t have and she had used newspaper as a sanitary pad that day at school. That day I remembered not having these necessities as a young lady and had to resort to asking friends while I attended school.

That’s when we decided to start this campaign.

We normally hand out hygiene packs, which consists of Roll-on, Soap, Facecloth, Toothpaste and Sanitary towels (unscented), to Teen girls at our local high school, however since the start of lockdown we have reached out to teen boys. They also have needs and they get bullied by their peers for not smelling nice. We do not want any Teen to feel deprived when it comes to hygiene and school supplies, especially since some parents are having to choose between buying a loaf of bread or a packet of sanitary pads. Their dignity also takes a huge knock. We have now included the boys as well. With the help of friends and family this campaign is growing.

For more information please visit their Facebook Page

To support them WhatsApp Karen on 084 099 1228 or check out their BackaBuddy Fundraising Campaign

The Valley Heroes Concept

Every day there are people and organizations in our valley who are doing great things.

Remax Premier South Peninsula and Zone Radio wish to acknowledge and reward these folk and have launched the Valley Heroes initiative. You are encouraged to nominate people or organizations you believe are worthy. Nominations should be emailed to

These will be evaluated and two Heroes of the week will be selected and showcased. From these a Valley Hero of the Month will be chosen.

Remax Premier South Peninsula are passionate about property, but are also passionate about those who are working daily to improve the lives of others in the Valley.

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