Shane Comley-White – International Him Soo Do Association

Shane Comley-White – International Him Soo Do Association
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The Unicorn chats to Master Shane Comley-White of International Him Soo Do Association about how the COVID-19 lock-down has impacted his business and how he has pivoted to offer classes and training online. His story is both sad and inspirational all at once. For more information about the Association and how you can register groups and individuals for online training, please visit their website.

Him Soo Do Association prides itself on delivering the Traditional South Korean open hand training as well as traditional weaponry. In addition to the Tradition aspect of our training, we include a wealth of practical up to date functional training, which is learned and passed down from many instructors from the different disciplines around the world.

Him Soo Do Association is passionate in providing a comprehensive offering to you. Him Soo Do offers a program that is focused on the Mind, Body and Spirit connection. The training program scales up from the novice white belt level to the advanced black belt Dan levels. We focus on assisting children, teens and adults in achieving an overall sense of balance and well being through getting them to be fitter, disciplined and gaining large amounts of confidence by helping them to push through their perceived limits and to reward them for the effort that they have put into the martial art.

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