Steve Reid – 26 April 2022

Zone Radio
Zone Radio
Steve Reid – 26 April 2022

This is the 22nd in a series of discussions about entrepreneurship that Steve will be presenting on Zone Radio over the next few months and today he introduces us to Tracey Gilmore from The Clothing Bank.

They believe that becoming a self-employed business owner is something everyone can do, irrespective of their education levels and resources, as long as they are self-motivated and well supported (mentally and emotionally). They have developed a holistic eco-system, which successfully engages families living in poverty to chart a path out of poverty. Their projects have been changing lives for the last eight years.

For more information, please visit their Website or Facebook Page.

Steve is qualified in three disciplines, (Commerce; Theology and Forestry), which have all helped shape a focus and passion for raising entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinking. He has been involved in business coaching for the past 12 years with 4 years seeing the establishment of a successful business incubator in Port Elizabeth. He was honored as the best incubator manager in the group. (He is a MBCI and Raizcorp academy trained coach and is also a NLP practitioner.) Past beneficiaries of the Raizcorp program grew an average of >48% turnover growth, year on year and collectively generated an income in excess of R110 million Rand. He has opened a Centre for Entrepreneurship for False Bay College in 2015; and the program begins in volume this year.

He has also had the privilege of being a public speaker in both public and private institutions and have used these platforms to open up windows around the opportunity found within entrepreneurship. He writes a monthly article for a stable of 15 community papers in Cape Town. A recent addition to his writing portfolio has seen him writing for Your Business Magazine.

His book, “Entreprenacity” was launched in May 2020

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