Presenter Testimonials

These are testimonials from some of the many presenters who have been trained at Zone Radio

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I joined Zone Radio a few years back with no intention of going into radio. But I’m a performer and saw no harm getting some experience behind the mic. The fact that, Richard, who has a great deal of experience and a fantastic ear for new talent, saw potential in me was also a huge driving force. Through my involvement with the station prior to being taken on as a presenter, I saw many talented individuals go on to achieve great things in the industry due to their time at Zone Radio and the opportunity it gave them. Being successful in the industry comes down to personality, which Zone Radio fosters and encourages learning a radio way of thinking, which Richard teaches during your initial training and connecting with “the listener” which becomes second nature over time. I went on to work at a commercial radio station where I enjoyed great success and growth. I was and continue to be incredibly grateful for the experience behind the mic and the guidance that Zone Radio gave me. It is also thanks to Richard that I was put in touch with many necessary radio and performance contacts. One opportunity always leads to another and Zone Radio is an amazing platform for all the performers and potential radio personalities alike.


I came across Zone Radio in my second year of study at the University of Cape Town – with practically no radio experience. Until this point, I could only imagine what it was like to broadcast on the medium, and was riding on the nudging of several people who were confident I would fit into that space.My keen interest to learn was matched by a man who was as interested to teach. Richard held no stops in laying down the law, and helped me grasp the nuts and bolts of putting together a radio show. From the basics of delivering a strong punchy link, to setting up a killer playlist – the foundation was laid for what would become an exciting time at the station. And that’s what makes Zone Radio a special place not only for me – but also for many others who have come before me… it is the space where we were given a shot to put our best foot forward. With that, I cannot stress how important it is to keep such places alive. This is where many seeds are planted, allowing them to germinate and contribute to the growing of the country’s industry. Before stepping into Zone Radio’s doors, I only had an inclining for radio and a wondering mind about what I could possibly do on the platform. By the time I could fly solo – I was sure that this is something I would love to grow and continuously work towards improving. Today, that work continues… and may we never forget that it all began at Zone Radio!


Zone Radio is quite simply the epitome of a radio station that provides anything and everything that aspiring radio presenter’s dream of. Very few radio stations in South Africa are able to develop raw radio talent in the direct and hands-on approach that Zone Radio has and continues to do. For anyone looking to get their fit in the door at becoming a radio personality, Zone Radio is indisputably the place to be – no matter your level of experience. The commitment by Zone Radio in shedding light on local musicians by conducting interviews and play listing their songs is, in every respect, commendable. My experience at Zone Radio was magical, and I am forever grateful to Richard and Janet for the opportunity that they created for me. The success that is Zone Radio is indicative in its close relationship with their listener family.


Since high school I’ve have always wanted to be involved in broadcasting. My love for radio grew stronger while she was studying Public Relations and participating in an internship program at Primedia Broadcasting. During this time I began to picture myself behind the mic and approached Zone Radio in order to pursue my dream and grabbed the opportunity they provided by the horns. My two years at Zone Radio were a fun and an exhilarating adventure. Thank you to Richard Griggs for giving me the opportunity and believing in my potential and allowing me to share my tips, thoughts, and ideas about pop culture. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and lessons learned.


Zone Radio launched my career in radio through the passion invested in training and development. The methods applied have equipped me to reach my goals and aspirations with first hand experience, as well as exposure to the fast paced industry. The well constructed programs set up by the station has been the very reason why whoever volunteers their time and effort, meets criteria. The platform is always evolving and being part of the journey is priceless. The extension of opportunities has gone as far as giving upcoming artists air time. This goes against the grain and created a niche market for music where the listener dictates terms. In essence the best part of Zone Radio is the morale among staff. This is an element that is missing on a daily basis. With very little to enjoy in radio these days, the station has found a winning formula, and for that I am truly grateful to be able to witness and experience growth in every avenue. Thank you Zone Radio!


Zone Radio played a fundamental role in my development as a storyteller and broadcaster. Under the station's guidance, I developed my technical broadcasting skills as well as my confidence as communicator and show anchor. The station fosters talent with care, helping to nurture the future of South African broadcasting in a constructive environment that's empowering and growth-centered. It's a wonderful place to improve and hone your broadcasting skills. 


Just want to thank you for the opportunity you gave me. I started with Zone radio as an intern, I didn’t know anything about presenting. Richard (The Unicorn) took me through everything from all the buttons to how to project my voice on air. I was nervous at first but he taught me that even the most experienced presenters make mistakes. I really enjoyed working with you and I hope you get funding so that I can come back because my heart is in radio and unfortunately most radio stations only want people with a higher social media following.


Zone Radio is like my Totem…I will always remember that this station is where it all began, following my dreams and growing in ways I couldn’t imagine…Zone Radio has been a wonderful learning platform for me as a person, with building my confidence, and it’s helped me with different media forums too, connections and adapting more skills. Zone Radio has always and still is very supportive in my growth as an artist and person. It’s a Family Station I would say!!!I only have praise for Zone. Radio, you know that feeling of Home, that’s what it gives!!!


I started presenter training at Zone Radio in 2014. They were providing hands on training at no cost, with the potential to continue on as a presenter once training had been completed. Through my training I learnt various aspects of radio, which included running the studio, producing, hosting, co-hosting and guest interviews. From there I was offered various opportunities to host and co-host a variety of shows over different times of the day and week, and most notably was given the freedom to create my own weekly show. In total I spent close to 2 years at Zone Radio, where I didn’t just learn how to be a radio presenter, I became part of a family. They are an incredibly generous company that are looking to make radio a better place by promoting the local music industry and radio presenters alike, always putting others before themselves. I will be forever grateful to have been given the opportunity to train and work at Zone Radio and would recommend any aspiring presenter to reach out to them.


My Zone Radio story is a little different than most. I was introduced to it when an ex-friend asked me to compile the music for a new online Radio Station’s Jazz show called The Jazz Zone. I jumped at the opportunity, as music, and playing music for people, has always been part of my DNA. I had gone from regular DJ to karaoke DJ and now music compiler for a radio show, wow! This was absolute bliss for me, especially since I would be in the background (Perfect Face for Radio)

One of Zone Radio’s promises, was an offer to train anyone, with the passion to be a radio presenter, something NO other radio station, until Zone Radio, has ever offered, and at no cost then. While not promising a slot on a radio show, potential presenters were trained to be the best presenters they could be.

After almost 3 years of compiling for the Jazz Zone, and maybe 1 or 2 cameo lines on air, I was honoured with the opportunity, to be trained, to present a different show through the most unconventional of circumstances. While those circumstances were not pleasant, the opportunity that arose because of it, got me out of being in the background, to presenting a radio show for the first time.

There are not enough words to show my appreciation to Zone Radio and especially its owner, Richard Griggs (“The Unicorn”), who tirelessly sacrifices his personal time to train potential presenters, and as the show evolved, so did our friendship, which stands strong and above everything else today. Zone Radio and the people who run it are family today.

Life constantly throws you curve balls however, the curve ball that led to where I am today, at Zone Radio, I would welcome over and over again.  To the man who made it all happen, I would never be able to thank him enough for taking that chance on me.


When you are a kid, you dream about being a Fireman, Policeman or even a Doctor. My dream was to be on radio. I wanted nothing else but to be immersed in music and do it for a living. I auditioned for several radio stations but never quite got that break. That was until Zone Radio appeared. From the time I met Richard and Judy, I knew that I was to be part of something special. I wasn’t wrong. The dedication to the craft was unparalleled with commitment that never waned. Richard and the team at Zone Radio are committed to giving everyone the break they need. They nurture, guide, mold, support and grow individuals, with no experience, into seasoned on-air professionals. It is because of Zone Radio that so many lives have been impacted upon in such a positive manner. In a world of shameless self promotion and hidden agendas, the world needs a Zone Radio. Otis Out!


Zone Radio surprised me. I always knew it would be a great next step in terms of personal and professional growth but I really underestimated how. I walked in and asked Richard for a job in about May of 2012. I was looking for the next thing, still trying to forge my way through life with a vague idea of a direction I wanted to go. He said that I could come in for training but my success will be on my own terms. I walked out after my last show in July of 2014 a new man, with a beautiful career in Finance and various paying side projects. All this because of the training I received from Rich and the team. I have created a career in Finance due to the interpersonal skills I honed on Zone Radio and through Rich's training as well as numerous radio, voice over, MC, and other opportunities. Even if you don't end up in radio, you learn about yourself, you learn about others, you learn what you are capable of and you learn about life. Join the team. Change your outlook on opportunity. I did and I'd do it all again.


I want to take this opportunity to thank Zone Radio for believing in me when one else did. You gave me an opportunity to work on your radio station as a News Journalist while in my second year of studying Journalism and Media Studies at Damelin College. Working at Zone Radio and being trained by you in order to make it through this tough industry has helped me immensely.  You provided me with the technical knowledge to present myself as a News Journalist both on and of air. The opportunity of working at Zone Radio has opened up many doors for me, after leaving the station I got to work at Cape Town TV as a television presenter and Insert Producer and if it wasn’t for the opportunity you’d given me I wouldn’t be where I am today and for that I thank you and I will be forever grateful to you.


Zone Radio is a truly an innovative brand with a very unique concept.  Zone Radio strives to give all its presenters the best and most well rounded experience in the industry. I started working at Zone Radio September 2011. They took me in and taught me everything I know about radio today. They have a very unique training style which encourages one to excel in the craft. They follow a style of self development by giving responsibility of tasks at a very early stage, and of course with responsibility comes accountability, however there is always a mentor to give guidance and input. The exposure gained is defiantly unsurpassed.  Through mentoring programmes one will gain skills in a very short period of time as Zone Radio places so much trust in their trainees. One is expected to produce, present and market ones show. Zone Radio also gives one the freedom of developing one’s own format for the show as well as content. How to conduct a proper interview is also part of the mentoring process and they will expose you to high level band or artist interviews at a very early stage. Zone radio is definitely a preferred training center to obtain world class, technical, play listing, producing and presenting skills. Zone Radio is a family and open to change, suggestions etc. They will always allow one to be creative and innovative, as long as one takes ownership of your own creation.


Zone Radio has been life changing to me. I learned all I know about radio from Richard "The Unicorn" Griggs. I started off being technically challenged, and with his help, guidance and support I learned to not only conquer that fear, but I managed to hold my own. Radio built y confidence to a new level. Richard in particular, is not afraid of training, shaping and moulding his students and having them move on to become successful in their own space. I would support and return to Zone Radio any day! Thank you for the Zone Magic!


Having to have been part of zone radio was an awesome experience. I have learnt a lot, gained a lot more knowledge and experience about radio. The work behind the music we hear on radio and how much it takes to put together a show. Everything I have learnt from zone radio is working to my benefit as I continue my radio career. I love the genre of music I was exposed to when working for them, it pushed me to learn more about; the industry, different artists and all that a radio presenter ought to know. In all honesty I miss working for Zone Radio.