Mike Clapp – Legacy Pet Crematorium

Today we to chatted to Mike Clapp who is the Western Cape Operations Manager for Legacy Pet Crematorium about the process they follow and the dignity with which an animal is treated throughout the process of cremation. At Legacy Pet Crematorium, they believe that pets are family. The Legacy Vision – is one of Dignity, […]

Paintsmiths Longbeach D.I.Y. Feature – 18 August 2022

On today’s Brunch Zone bi-weekly D.I.Y. feature with Sean Anderson from Anderson Home Improvements, he answers D.I. Y. questions from listeners. This feature is proudly sponsored by PAINTSMITHS – Midas Earthcote Longbeach For more information please visit: Paintsmiths Longbeach Facebook Page Anderson Improvements Facebook Page

Odette Butcher – Digital Transformation ‘On Air’ – Part 29

Odette Butcher is an E-commerce Specialist at eCommerce Virtual Services and an E-Commerce Retailer at Celestial Gift Experiences. In part 29 in a series of “Digital Transformation ‘On Air’” interviews, she talks about “Google Freebies at Our Fingertips”. Here are some of the links referred to by Odette during this discussion: Google Products Digital Garage […]

Steve Reid – 16 August 2022

This is the 30th in a series of discussions about entrepreneurship that Steve will be presenting on Zone Radio over the next few months. Following on from his discussion two weeks ago about Money Mistakes Start-ups Make he introduces us to Heinrich Grove from HD Accounting who discusses the topic in more detail and provides […]

Brent Proctor – Lions Club Fish Hoek

The Unicorn chats to Brent Proctor, President of the Lions Club Fish Hoek, on the Drive Zone about their plans for the future. The Lions Club of Fish Hoek Simons Bay was chartered on 11 July 1973 as part of Lions Clubs International and has been tirelessly serving those in need in the Fish Hoek Valley and […]

The Gardening Zone – 15 August 2022

David Parker from Budding Inspirations and Jeremy Fenn from Harry Goemans Garden Centre chat to Genie Sue on the bi-weekly Gardening Zone on The Brunch Zone about all matters related to gardening. This feature is proudly sponsored by Harry Goemans Garden Centre Harry Goemans Garden Centre is open from 8:30am to 5pm every day. The […]

The Best of Life, Love & Fruit Salad with Jeff Kahn – 11 August 2022

On today’s episode of The Best of Life, Love & Fruit Salad, Jeff Kahn discusses “Laughter – Is It The Best Medicine” Jeff is an international motivational speaker, relationship coach, humourist, behaviourist, and corporate trainer, sales coach having major success with sales staff, sales management and executive coaching. He is the founder of Jeff Kahn […]

Andrea Nettel – Family Counselling Centre

The Unicorn chats to Andrea Nettel from the Family Counselling Centre about the upcoming community & Mental Health Convention.   This August will see the launch of the inaugural ‘Community & Mental Health Convention’ in the SouthPeninsula. Its purpose – to bring together like minded individuals and organisations all of whom areinvolved in and passionate […]