Cerelia Daniels – Homemade 4 U

Today we chatted to Celelia Daniels who is the owner of the local catering company, Homemade 4 U. All products are made from scratch. Cerelia sells sweet and savoury snacks, that are made from good quality ingredients, prepared in a clean and sanitized environment and kitchen. Her prices are affordable and the food is prepared […]

Steve Reid – 28 September 2021

Today Steve Reid discusses “Competitions & Competing”. This is the 9th in a series of discussions about entrepreneurship that Steve will be presenting on Zone Radio over the next few months. Steve is qualified in three disciplines, (Commerce; Theology and Forestry), which have all helped shape a focus and passion for raising entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial […]

Volker Consulting Money Zone – “Dread Disease Cover”

Paul Volker of Volker Consulting speaks about the importance of “Dread Disease Cover” on the Money Zone. Volker Consulting is an independent financial planning practice, providing concise and objective solutions to their clients. A strong blend of knowledge and ethics form the foundation of their long-term client relationships. As independent brokers, they complement their clients’ […]

The Best of Life, Love & Fruit Salad with Jeff Kahn – 23 September 2021

On today’s episode of The Best of Life, Love & Fruit Salad, Jeff Kahn introduces us to Jason who shares a motivational story of determination, focus, failure, disappointments, setting goals, hard work, sacrifice, and taking risks. Jeff is an international motivational speaker, relationship coach, humorist, behaviorist, and corporate trainer, sales coach having major success with […]

Paintsmiths Longbeach D.I.Y. Feature – 23 September 2021

On today’s Brunch Zone bi-weekly D.I.Y. feature with Sean Anderson from Anderson Home Improvements he speaks about “Additions and Conversions”. This feature is proudly sponsored by PAINTSMITHS – Midas Earthcote Longbeach For more information please visit: Paintsmiths Longbeach Facebook Page Anderson Improvements Facebook Page

Odette Butcher – Digital Transformation ‘On Air’ – Part 11

Odette Butcher is an E-commerce Specialist at eCommerce Virtual Services and an E-Commerce Retailer at Celestial Gift Experiences. In part 11 in a series of “Digital Transformation ‘On Air’” interviews, she discusses “How to Identify & Deal with Online Fraud”. For more information about Odette, please visit Linktree or her Facebook Page

Business EZone Entrepreneur Zone – 21 September 2021

The Entrepreneur Zone feature is sponsored by Business Ezone. In this episode Lizelle Coombs & Janine Davidson provide an update on the projects and events at Angels Resource Centre. For more information regarding training programs at Business EZone, please visit the Angels Resources Website