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Thanx to the genuine music-lovers at Zone Radio - we independent artists have a voice - AND songs on the radio!! We appreciate your contribution to our success!
"In my experience, I find many Radio stations try to be hip to what people are interested in listening to in that moment. Zone Radio has style of music they play that remains timeless. It's music for the ages, not just the moment. I cannot say enough about the support this stations gives Artists starting out"
The simplest way to put it in the fewest words would be “without Zone Radio, not a soul would have heard my music and I would still be playing in my bedroom”. More elaborately put however is that Zone radio provides what I deem the most valuable platform for independent musicians. The listeners are supportive and Zone radio has given me to confidence to go forward and produce an album, perform live and launch a very successful community outreach music platform in the UK. While stations in the UK charge artists to get an album or single in front of the program manager with no guarantees, Richard (AKA The Unicorn) does it free of charge for both South African and international artists. I can unreservedly say that Zone Radio stands head and shoulders above any other station, online or terrestrial, in South Africa. As a listener I choose Zone radio daily and have done so for for the past 5 years over the likes of BBC Radio 2, Virgin UK, CFM and others. Bravo brothers and sisters of Zone Radio. I Thank you from the bottom of my heart
It is obvious to us that Zone Radio has a heart for independent artists.  Their integrity, and their commitment to using the Zone Radio platform for the benefit of the Indie community is nothing short of inspiring.  It ensures that music often made on a small budget gets a chance to be heard.  Like many other artists and bands we are excited to be even a small part of the great effort Zone Radio carries on!  Peace & success to y'all. 
As an aspiring indie band, we, Limberlost have been overwhelmed by the love and support we have received from Zone Radio! They are and will always be a partner in our adventure! They provide a true portal to help separate your music from the noise! Thank You Zone Radio!!
American Indie Band  - American Indie Band
If you hear a song that sounds like it was written about you, it may have been, Zone radio is playing music from artists that speak from their heart and just may make your day a little brighter
I really love to listen to Zone Radio. Very nice music and shows. I usually listen to the Unicorn, the Blues Zone and the Retro Zone - love that music. I'm very thankful too that my songs are played on this great radio station
I am honored to have my music played by Zone Radio. We strive every day to keep traditional country music alive and it is so refreshing to find radio stations who will air our music. Thank you Zone Radio for your support!
Zone Radio has been so good to me since the first time I reached out to them as a young singer songwriter. Welcoming me with open arms and big hugs to come for interviews when I've been in Cape Town. Thank you so much guys.
A huge thank you to Zone Radio for supporting great local music! They have helped my career in a massive way. I would encourage everyone all over the country to tune in. You won’t regret it!
Zone Radio was one of the first stations to broadcast our music to the world. They gave us the opportunity to have our song Mental Health Day be the #1 song in South Africa for 6 weeks on the Zone Radio Top 40
At Zone Radio they are not only highly passionate about music, but also professional and a pleasure to work with.  All in all, a fantastic radio station with wonderful shows
We were so happy when Zone Radio discovered our music, and not only posted about it, they were genuine in their interest in us, our songs, our band, and who we are. They continue to feature songs of ours, and follow our updates, leading to new fans.  Great people!
At Starburst Promotions we see it as a privilege to be associated with Zone Radio! The support that has been given to us as a company and the artists we represent has been unbelievable and we appreciate it!
Steve Van Deventer
Zone Radio is one of those unique and important stations that really supports local music. They've shown us love since our first album came out and helped us reach new ears with our music, which we're always grateful for
Zone Radio is THE BEST!!!!! The Team is one really amazing team, really make one feel at ease and like part of the family. The best platforms to showcase your music on, especially those artists that have been trying everywhere else to get their music played and have been unsuccessful. Zone Radio is where they make your dreams come true. I am truly grateful for everything Zone Radio has done for me and blessed to be part of the Zone Family. Love you guys 
Bianca Kaiser
https://www.facebook.com/biancakaiser1985/  - South African Singer/Songwriter
Zone Radio has been driven by a killer team of music lovers and supporters of the local music industry for as long as I've known them. Their passion for and knowledge of the music that makes their listeners happy, is what separates them from the rest. The Zone Radio team have been true supporters of our music and we appreciate that. Great station and listeners too. Thanks for the love, guys!
Zone Radio has taken the bold move to bring the music of many a musician to a wide audience, without ever asking for anything in return. That innovative entrepreneurial spirit has served as a dream catcher to inspire countless artists, including myself. Their honesty has been a revelation. And they are still here! They survived, the station growing in strength.Thank you Zone Radio for playing the music. And thank you for your generous support and friendship over the years. Rikus Nieuwenhuis - Karmic Kick  
Rikus Nieuwenhuis
South African Singer/Songwriter  - Karmic Kick
Not only does Zone Radio play my kind of music, Zone Radio kindly plays my music... for which I wholeheartedly thank them. As a songwriter, I co-write with several others, as a drummer, I played in many bands and Zone Radio aired them all. Can't hope, let alone ask, for more than that. Zone Radio rocks the airwaves... you never heard it so good!
Thank you Zone Radio for giving a voice to the independent songwriter and for your empowerment of young folks interested in the future of radio broadcasting!
It is an extremely humbling gesture when a radio station, the caliber of Zone Radio in South Africa, playlists your artists. Zone Radio is where my artists are treated like superstars!
Michael Stover
2013, 2014, 2017, 2018 IMEA Artist Manager of the Year  - MTS Management Group
I'm from Italy, Zone Radio is one of the first international web radio I discovered few years ago, and they are special to me, they are persons working hard with passion and love for the music and I love the way they cover all genres, all countries, featuring famous and emerging artists, supporting indie music, I'm grateful to Zone Radio and honored being featured among the other amazing artists
PMK loves Zone Radio and we are so thankful for their support - best station on Radio!
Zone Radio the support you guys show SA Music is incredible! Thank you for continuously delivering such rocking tunes, you’re the best
Marc Wainstein
Zone Radio has been a great supporter of my music for many years.  I admire the station and the many great artists featured on their airwaves.  Carefully curated independent music at it's finest!  Thank you to Zone Radio for allowing me to be a part of this great family
In a world full of commercial conformity Zone Radio has not lost its integrity. It is a station that cares about its listeners while still supporting its local artists. As a SA singer/songwriter I wish you much continued success
When I release a new single my first port of call is always Zone Radio. They are pioneers in how I think future radio stations will be. Giving a chance to people to hear new music from around the world is not only culturally enriching but also vital for those new artists who these days find it so difficult to gain an audience for their music. Keep up the good work!
Being an independent musician can be quite discouraging at times.  A lot of times when I send my music to a radio station I don’t even get a reply.  Every time I’ve sent music to Zone Radio I’ve been welcomed with kindness and treated like family.  I love the respect shared between us and I am thrilled to be a part of their station!
The Sinners have always enjoyed being left of center while sticking to the roots of sexy rock n roll. Commercial stations seem to fear this, preferring instead to follow the masses. We believe as artists it is a responsibility to challenge the status quo and not conform to convention. Zone Radio was one of the first SA stations to support us and our music 3 years ago and it continues to do so today. Any station that hits play on a song called “The Shaven Bush of Eden” without asking any questions is our kind of radio station.
A huge thank you to Zone Radio for always supporting SA music. Thank you so much for all the love for me and my music over the past few months. I really appreciate it!
Even when climbing Islay's hills I was listening to Zone Radio, fantastic selection of music from all over, superb djs, lovely vibe
Zone Radio and its presenters bring amazing music to the world. By supporting local South African bands as well as international Independent artists, they offer a chance to discover new and exciting music. A truly engaging listening experience.
“As a British singer/songwriter, I am honoured that Zone Radio has generously supported my music alongside great independent South African artists as well as those from all corners of the world.  Their vision for the station shows a spirit of true integrity and a desire to help and encourage others, qualities rarely found in today's world. Thank you Zone Radio, and keep up the good work!” 
Helen Jayne McKellar
Zone Radio is one of the biggest supporters of independent music anywhere on the globe. Vanguards and facilitators of wonderful music in our industry. Working together with musicians and management companies they have become a steadfast and reliable source for those that love music
Thank you so much Zone Radio for giving independent artists a platform for us to present our music. It's great to be part of such a wonderful music Community!
“I think Zone Radio’s ‘No Hoops Required’ feature is great in that it takes a chance on giving air play to songs that aren’t necessarily commercial radio singles, which distinguishes their play list from the crowd. This can give local bands and artists, in some cases, their first-ever radio play, helping to get the ball rolling. My in-studio chat with The Unicorn was one of my favorite and most memorable radio interviews to date – he is a real character. Zone strikes me as a station with passion and a genuine interest in uplifting the arts and their local community. Keep fighting the good fight, Zone!”
"Zone Radio has been a wonderful support to me as an independent artist. This station has helped me have my music heard worldwide, along with being kind, professional, and responsive on social media. It is an honor to have my original music played on Zone Radio! Thank you Richard!"
Zone Radio has been part of my journey since 2014. At the time I wasn’t certain of my sound and I only had one track to market and get myself “on the map” again, after 2 years of what was a very difficult personal journey. Getting support from them and hearing that song played gave me the confirmation and affirmation that I should continue. My sound is very different now mirroring my evolution both personally and professionally and Zone Radio is still there like a trusted friend. I can’t thank the zany Zonies enough, especially for what they do for independent artists. May they be blessed in all their endeavors.
Megan Victor-Carelse
“Zone Radio is a great supporter of the independent music scene - Big Hug”  
Zone Radio has given my music the opportunity to be heard worldwide. The support this radio station gives to indy artists is incomparable and I for one really appreciate the support
It is an honour to have Zone Radio play our music. They really have a true passion and support for all South African music and we are so happy to be a part of that! 
Zone Radio has and continues to be so incredibly supportive of SA music! I love visiting Zone Radio when I travel to Cape Town - the team is awesome and the vibe in studio is contagious !! Thank you Zone Radio for being in my corner and a part of my music journey !!
I absolutely love Zone Radio ! Their unwavering support of original indie artists is unwavering. Thank you, Zone Radio for everything you do
“Zone Radio is a fantastic station that puts in time & effort to find, play and supports the best new artists from over the world. The result is clear to hear as their shows play some amazing tracks. It’s a privilege & honor to be picked for airplay by them”
Wild Horse
Zone Radio is truly a gem in the SA music scene. The support that they give to local artists is astonishing. I had my first interview on Zone in 2012, and ever since meeting the Unicorn and seeing his passion for local talent, I became an instant fan of Zone Radio. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for playing my music and for supporting so many South African artists. Massive love always
Music is the universal language, it has the power to bring everyone together. Zone Radio is one of those amazing Radio stations that believes in the power of Music. We need more radio stations like this one that not only believes in music itself but also the musicians that make the music
Thank you, Zone Radio, for the support over the years! Saarkie Band supports Zone Radio and we think it’s one of the best online Radio stations! Amazing music always played! Thanks guys!!!
If you love music you’ll love Zone Radio... the best place to find all your old favs and discover the best of indie too!
Danny Meyers
Cosmic Crash - Canada