After close on 10 years as a purely online radio station, we are excited to announce that the South African broadcasting authority has granted Zone Radio an FM licence. 

We have launched the “new and improved” Zone Radio experience both online and on 88.5 fm in the Western Cape’s “Deep South”

A special note to musicians: Please note that we have temporarily suspended all new music submissions as well as our “No Hoops Required” feature. Our commitment to new music play-listings remains intact and we will be accepting submissions and re-launching the feature in due course. Announcements in this regard will be posted on our social media.  

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Lily Hollows – Little Glass Girl

In 1987 The Bangles had a massive hit with a song called “Walk Like an Egyptian” … (oh whey oh).  It reached number one with over a million copies sold. All good and well but what does it mean to walk like and Egyptian? Is it possible to distinguish and Egyptian from any other nationality […]

The Steezies

Snowboarders a special breed. They are fearless. God knows, they have to be to dress the way they do. And when they are not chasing down slopes and breakneck speeds, they can be over heard speaking a language where the words are recognisable but where the meaning leaves any outsider as confused as a chameleon […]

Communication by Numbers

In between invading Russia and getting whacked at Waterloo, Napolean Bonaparte found time to honour Alessandro Volta. Who? Come now! Think about it. Volta…. Volt!! Of course, he’s the guy who invented the battery. I know. You knew that. Napolean figured it was the least he could do given that Alessandro invented the very thing […]