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Communication by Numbers

In between invading Russia and getting whacked at Waterloo, Napolean Bonaparte found time to honour Alessandro Volta. Who? Come now! Think about it. Volta…. Volt!! Of course, he’s the guy who invented the battery. I know. You knew that. Napolean figured it was the least he could do given that Alessandro invented the very thing […]

Strike Me A Drink

About two weeks ago I was invited along with five others to attend a beer festival in Cape Town. The invitation came courtesy of Kyle Petersen, the keyboard player for The Rockerfellas. Despite it being advisable to consume copious amounts of alcohol just to cope being seen in public with me, four of our merry […]

Bubble Wrap Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin had it all worked out. His theory on natural selection has some merit. Only the organisms best adapted to their environment tend to survive and transmit their genetic characteristics to succeeding generations. Those less adapted tend to be eliminated. I know this because I’ve done the hard yards and suffered the reading of […]