PLEASE NOTE: We have temporarily suspended all new music submissions as well as our “No Hoops Required” feature. Our commitment to new music play-listings remains intact and we will be accepting submissions and re-launching the feature in due course. Announcements in this regard will be posted on our social media.  

In as much as Zone Radio does all it can to make it easy for musicians to submit their music to be considered for play-listing and air-play, there are a few simple rules that need to be followed. Listed below are the rules as well as the process that is followed once a song has been accepted and play-listed.

Legalities: (We are not lawyers so we will keep this simple)

It should be noted that Zone Radio generates no revenue from play-listing and showcasing new music. On the contrary, it costs us money to do so. What we do, we do in order to promote the artists and their songs and not for financial gain. As such, and in order to protect ourselves against any claims, the following applies:

  1. By submitting music to Zone Radio, you automatically confirm that that you own the copyright and publishing rights and that any song/songs submitted is your original music.
  2. If you are submitting music on behalf of an artist/musician/band, you automatically confirm that you are legally authorized to do so and that you have the authority to agree to our terms.
  3. You acknowledge that your purpose for submitting music to Zone Radio for air-play is so that the station can expose both the music and artist to its audience so as to solicit support for them in the hopes that listeners will either purchase the music and/or attend live gigs.  In exchange for this service you agree to waive any rights to claim any payment of royalties from Zone Radio directly or any of the performance rights organizations, in any of the countries involved.
  4. You acknowledge that, should one be required, an official waiver form can be sent to you via a request sent to and that in the absence of such a request, you accept the conditions stated in points 1, 2 & 3 above.

Submission Process

  1. In the main, Zone Radio is an adult contemporary music station and as such we do not play-list Hip-Hop, Rap, House, EDM Afro Pop or Urban Pop music.
  2. We do not make use of any download platforms e.g. Dropbox, YouSendIt etc.
  3. We only play-list a single song per artist at a time, so there is no point in sending multiple tracks to us. Simply send the track to be considered for play-listing. Artists are most welcome to submit further songs once the initial submission has been accepted. However, we suggest that these are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. This allows us to manage them correctly and ensure that nothing slips through the tracks.
  4. All songs sent so us must be correctly labeled i.e. “Artist Name” – “Song Title”
  5. An email containing the following three elements should be sent to
    • An Mp3 track
    • A short biography – No more than a paragraph contained in the body of the email or in a Microsoft Word document.
    • All social media links. (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)
    • A "Buy Link" if one is available.

Should any of these three elements be missing, the submission will not be considered.

Lead Time: Where music submissions are concerned, we operate strictly on a “first come first served basis. On average we receive between 20 to 35 submissions daily and because we try to accommodate all those that comply with the submission process as outlined above, it can take up to five and sometimes as long as six weeks before we are able to respond or acknowledge receipt of submissions. If you have not heard from us within five weeks, please feel free to email us.

Acceptance and air-play: Once a song has been accepted, artists can expect the following:

  1. An email will be sent per return email.
  2. Notification of the date the song will be play-listed and featured on “No Hoops Required” (see below for further information) will be provided.
  3. All the songs showcased will be uploaded and playable on our website. This will allow listeners who missed the feature to hear the new songs we have play-listed. For those who missed the live broadcast, the entire show is re-broadcast at 9 pm each Wednesday whilst the No Hoops Required feature is re-broadcast in isolation each Friday at 3 pm as well. We have done this in order to provide as much exposure as we can to the musicians who have been kind enough to submit their music to us for play-listing. All artists are requested to submit a preferred "buy link" so that this can be added to the listing.
  4. All songs become eligible to be requested on Zone Radio’s live programs (see below for further information)
  5. Once the song has been featured it will again be featured the next week on the Breakfast Zone’s daily “No Hoops Required Triple-Play” or the “No Hoops Required Friday Foursome”.
  6. In addition to the above, all songs are added to the Zone Radio Auto Stream on high rotation for a period of two months.

No Hoops Required Feature: This is the mechanism that Zone Radio uses to introduce new songs to it's audience.  The feature airs each Wednesday between 10:30 am and 12:00 pm on the Breakfast Zone. Each week 20 new tracks are introduced. The short biography provided allows the presenter to provide listeners with information about each artist. A tweet is also sent to each of the artists informing them that their song is being featured. Directly after the program a list of all songs and artists is posted on the Zone Radio Facebook Page, Tweeted via the Zone Radio Twitter account and posted to Instagram.

Requests:  Outside of our Auto Stream, Zone Radio does not have a predetermined and preset play-list. Each of the presenters compiles their own play-list for broadcast during their respective shows. This allows them to accommodate song requests via our Facebook Page, Twitter Account and on WhatsApp.  We therefore encourage all artists to use their social media platforms to inform their followers and fans that they can request their songs during our live programs, a schedule of which can be found on this website on the “Programs Tab”. Although we endeavor to play all requests as soon as possible after they are received, we hasten to add that these are always played at the presenter’s discretion.

For many years, each week, much time and effort goes into previewing, play-listing songs and preparing the “No Hoops Required” feature. We do this, not for financial reward, but because we believe that having put their hearts and souls into their music, artists should be heard without having to “jump through hoops”. However, doing so comes at a cost. To date we have been able to absorb that cost, but we are finding it more and more difficult to do so of late. To this end, and having resisted it as long and possible, we have added a donation platform and “donate button” to our new website. It is not obligatory and will in no way prejudice anyone who chooses not to, however, we are appealing to artists play-listed and featured on Zone Radio to consider making a small donation.  Every little bit helps and if each artist we playlist and feature would make just a tiny donation; it will certainly assist us in continuing to showcase the music as we do. You will find a PayPal link is at the bottom right hand side of this page.

If you have any queries please email